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31 de octubre de 2007

On miércoles, octubre 31, 2007 by GeNeRaCiOn AsErE in ,    3 comments

The Nightmare Before Christmas. (A Tim Burton Masterpiece)


It’s no wonder the decision was made to bring The Nightmare before Christmas back to theatres, in digital 3D no less. The film, released over 14 years ago, is a masterwork of animation and an innovative piece of storytelling. A tale only the dark, but beautiful mind of Tim Burton could bring to life.

It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town; the skeleton who feels the existential pain that most of us have felt at some point in our lives. Although he is an unhappy soul living in a world of indifference, his journey throughout the film echoes the notion that one cannot change who they are. He learns that it’s not really about the words or aesthetics, but it’s about sharing a strong feeling or an idea in connection with something else. That sounds like heavy stuff, but the film pulls it off in a light, fairy-tale fashion.

The film has a quirky magic that draws you in from the very first frame, an almost dreamlike, postmodernist expressionistic world. It’s a wonderful trip for the imagination for the young and old, as well as being the perfect film for Halloween and Christmas.

This stunning, Tim Burton creation, is a perennial classic that has developed a large cult following. It has already been confirmed by the studio behind the film that it will enjoy a constant annual release every October. This is the second year of it’s re-release and it has already made more money at the box office than most of the new films that were released the same week. The film looks absolutely gorgeous in 3D, and it’s an experience not to be missed.

So for now, this is Danny del Mazo, to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, and hope that you have a sweet, Nightmare before Christmas.


GeNeRaCiOnAsErE/danny del mazo (california)


General Electric dijo...

I am working on that nightmare right now. Tim Burton is an excellent ingredient!

GeNeRaCiOn AsErE dijo...

I'd like to see it on 3D, Danny.
Thank you for your article.


GeNeRaCiOn AsErE dijo...

Tim Burton's work is the voice of a man of courage, a very special man capable of talking to us about pain and tenderness in a world where the the most common formula for success is the total indifference.

later bro'. tony