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12 de diciembre de 2013

On jueves, diciembre 12, 2013 by GeNeRaCiOn AsErE   No comments

The Cuban exile community in Miami is concerned about singer, Boris Larramendi, under threat in Havana, Cuba

The Cuban exile community in Miami is concerned about the dangerous situation in which is involved the famous singer Boris Larramendi in Cuba.
The Cuban musician Boris Larramendi, based in Madrid, is now suffering the repression of the political police of the Castro regime.
Boris traveled to Havana this week invited to celebrate Human Rights Day with civic and opposition activists in Havana.
According to a statement from the singer to our blog, opponents Antonio Rodiles Walfrido Lopez, Calixto Martinez and Kizzy Macias were beaten during an arrest in Havana this Wednesday, and now are missing.
Independent Larramendi concert on the island, planned for yesterday December 11th, was sabotaged by plainclothes and adept artists to authorities paramilitary groups. 

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